Located in the heart of the Vienne department, 10 minutes from Futuroscope : a theme park, 15 minutes from Châtellerault and 25 minutes from Poitiers, the campsite offers an interesting range of tourist sites to visit.

Saint-Cyr bird sanctuary (1km)

In the heart of the Saint-Cyr Leisure Park, enter the bird sanctuary managed by the Poitou-Charente office of the French league for the protection of birds (LPO). Come and enjoy the serenity of this place and observe the surrounding fauna and flora.
You may have the opportunity to catch sight of a little Ringed Plover or a Northern Lapwing. You might also be lucky enough to attend the migratory stopover of some white storks! While we thank the LPO who’s observatory is open to the public, it’s important to not disturb the species present in this area by respecting their natural environment and remaining discreet! 😊

Monthoiron Castle (14km)

At the Monthoiron Castle you can set off for an adventure at any age!  Wise little goblins, from 3 years old, enter the centenarian Karmanor forest to try to save its inhabitants who have all been turned into plastic structures by Stayfix, the evil wizard in this 100% LEGO paper chase. Will you be able to solve kids’ Da-Vinci Code? From 5 years old, dive into the Renaissance for a 20 enigma route centred around the characters of the Leonard comic book. Finally, discover the Fortress Tower. Long-time regarded as a common ruin, in 2010, experts acknowledged it to be a monument derived from an architectural concept from… Leonardo da Vinci! Come and meet Leonardo the architect.


Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc, Clovis, Charles Martel, many historical figures who created part of France’s history here, in Poitiers. Former walled city, this historical city still testifies its medieval past thanks to the Palace of the Counts of Poitou-Dukes of Aquitaine and notably the Notre-Dame-la-Grande church. To improve your scientific culture, next stop Espace Mendès France and its planetarium. If you are more into archaeology and fine arts, cross the road and enter the doors of the Holy Cross Museum! And if you are a challenge lover, go and climb up the 217 steps of the Dunes Stairs to reach a matchless view of Poitiers. You won’t get bored! 😁

Dragon Land – CIVAUX (44km)

Do you think dragons exist? Brilliant professor Sheppard is sure they do! Is this the reason for his disappearance? The mystery remains. Follow his trail, explore his secret laboratory and a luxuriant oasis in search of clues. You will even have to walk above alligators and board a space-time shuttle! You may have strange encounters… Take part in a gripping and disorienting adventure, for young and old, that will lead you to meet 300 animal species under the bioclimatic dome, in the Scénovision© interactive rooms, and water gardens. In the land of crocodiles in Civaux, go for this new unprecedented adventure!

Futuroscope  – JAUNAY-MARIGNY  (13km)

Get your fill of thrill at the Futuroscope! Explore the world of the Invisibles, dance with the robots, go back in time with the Raving Rabbids, fly over the world with your legs hanging in the air in The Extraordinary Journey and set out to conquer space in Destination Mars… There’s nothing like it! From 5 years old, take the direction of the kid’s world to splash around, to jump on trampolines and float with the boats. And to end the day on a high note, immerse into the kingdom of dreams in the brand new evening show: The Key to Dreams!


The conurbation community of Châtellerault represents 700km of walking trails out in the country or imbued with history to take on foot or by bike. Perfect to get a lungful of fresh air! It also offers discoveries through the guided tours starting from the tourism office.  Discover the historical city and its industrial know-hows thanks to two tours: “The city in its ramparts” and “Châtellerault, industrial city”. Why not give a chance to the Greeters adventure? A volunteer inhabitant shows you around his city, in a domain he is enthusiastic about. A human encounter that may also fill up your address book ! 😉


Chauvigny’s medieval city, here we come! Surrounded by fortresses and overlooking the Vienne valley, with its 5 castles, this city has a rich history and promises numerous adventures. Don’t fail to pay a visit to the Giants of the Sky! Moreover, go to the Bishop castle, which is the scene of the impressive falconry shows. Roam around the charming streets of the city and discover the work of the leather craftsman, the potter and sculptors. To exert yourself, head to the Rail Bike to live an uncommon experience. The old railway offers 17 kilometres of trail out in the country immersed in undergrowth and the river, with ,as a bonus, an unobstructed view of the city.

Monkey Valley (La Vallée des Singes), ROMAGNE (75km)

Explore the 22-hectare parc on a shaded path interspersed / bordered by waterways and cascades to meet the 450 monkeys! We love being able to observe these surprisingly similar animals in a vast space without cages or railings! Don’t miss the feeding hours, as they are an opportunity to witness the close relationship that the monkeys share with the keepers and to learn personal information and anecdotes regarding primates. One piece of advice: Make sure to bring closed bags to prevent yourself from any petty theft from the little residents!😄🐒

Open air activities to do on your own

Walks starting from Beaumont Saint-Cyr (1,2km)

Are you willing to discover the region on foot or by bike? For you to explore the Clain valley, Beaumont Saint-Cyr’s city council has made available a comprehensive document that contains directions and maps as well as some information regarding the monuments you will pass by during your walk following the 9 tours available.
Download the file, put your trainers on and follow the guide! 😉

The ants go marching on…. In the Pinail Natural Reserve ( 6,8 km)

In this natural site, take advantage of a free access discovery path open all year long. During your walk on the 2 kilometre way, discover an original landscape of moor and ponds. Keep your eyes wide open, 2500 protected species of animals, plants and mushrooms are present in this area. Do not hesitate to join the visits and tours organised around the history of the reserve, biodiversity (carnivorous plants, dragonflies, frogs, etc…) and the management of a national natural reserve. Learn more.

Terra Aventura : Discover the region with the Poï’z !

As real fellow travellers to discover the New Aquitaine region, the 35 colourful characters of terra Aventura are hiding all over the area. Around here, Zabeth has stories to recount in Saint-Benoît (26km) and Angles sur l’Anglin (40km) and Zouti is just waiting for you in Châtellerault (17km). Pick up the clues, solve the enigmas and find the treasure. Download the 100% free app and set off for an adventure!

For even more activity ideas, during your stay, do not hesitate to ask the reception, the Tourism offices of Poitiers and Grand Châtellerault or the Vienne Tourism Agency. You will also find out many other sites to discover, near the campsite, on Tourism in Vienne.