European Ecolabel

For holidays that combine ecology and comfort !


The Saint-Cyr Lake Campsite, located in a 300 hectares natural park is certified by the European Ecolabel since 2012!

Logo Ecolabel Européen Camping Lac de Saint-Cyr

What is the European Ecolabel ?


This label was created in 2005 and certifies products and services that result from an environmental process. You may have seen its logo on some cleaning products or hygiene products. You will now know that it also certifies services including campsites!

Indeed, the Ecolabel highlights the tourist accommodations that are committed to an environmental protection approach and to protect the health of their customers and staff.

This label is composed of 67 deciding criterions, among which 22 are obligatory and eliminatory, in specifications common to all European Unions countries.

And it is actually the only official European ecological label that can be used in all EU  member countries.

In France, the label is issued by AFNOR Certification, an independent body, who first checks the conformity of the company’s application file to the deciding criterions and then leads to an on site audit.

A follow-up audit is then planned every 2 years to renew the certification.


The European Ecolabel at the Saint-Cyr Lake  ****Camping

The will to implement the European Ecolabel in our campsite is in line with the commitments and actions of our company, the SAGA, on the sites it manages.

At the Saint-Cyr Lake Camping, the first camping site in the Vienne region to be certified, we endeavour to put in place a number of actions and habits that contribute to environmental preservation.

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As part of our continuous commitment to improve, we have our heart set on continuing our efforts towards this end. Naturally, during your stay, we invite you to join us on our journey towards making campsites even more eco-friendly.


Here are the main commitments we have put in place :

  • To reduce our waste through waste sorting and encourage our customers to do so

  • To use environmentally friendly products certified by the Ecolabel

  • To reduce our water and energy consumption with regular monitoring, and using renewable energy sources thanks to solar panels installed on our two sanitary blocks

  • Raise awareness among our vacationers during their stay, as well as among our staff.

  • Use quality materials such as wood on our accommodation to reduce the use of oil products


Your commitment to this process is as important as ours. Therefore your active participation is welcomed during your stay and we would be delighted to share our commitments with you.